To join Herts Canoe Club, please talk to one of our officers at the clubhouse, who will be happy to give you a membership form to complete.

To join the club immediately requires you to be a BC 1* paddler. We will need to view your certificate.

If you are not a certified 1* paddler but you do have some paddling experience then we will arrange for you to be assessed by one of our coaches and if they consider that you are of a 1* standard, you can also join immediately.

If you are a new paddler, or have only a little experience, then you can book on one of our coaching courses which run from April to September. These courses aim to bring you to a 1* standard.

If you wish to be placed on a contact list for our coaching sessions, just drop us a note via the Contact email address

Subscriptions are payable annually by 1st April.

After the 1st June all lapsed full members are to pay a £10.00 joining fee.

New full members are to pay a one off £10.00 joining fee.

Families only pay a one off £10.00 joining fee for the first full member.

Families pay one full subscription while all other members pay family rates. If there are no adult members then the first junior pays the full junior rate – other juniors pay the junior family rate.

Junior rates apply if the applicant is under 18 on 1st April or in full time education.

Junior rates apply to adults that are in full time education, unemployed, or retired..

Please make cheques payable to Herts Canoe Club.

Annual Fee if joining between April and Oct

OR Annual Fee if joining between Oct and March

Adult Full

£62 per person

£30 per person

Junior Full

£30 per person

£15 per person

Adult Family

£35 per person

£17.50 per person

Junior Family

£29 per person

£10.50 per person

Social Member

£16 per person

£8 per person

Boat Storage (2 max)

£24 per boat

£12 per boat

Joining Fee

£10 per family

£10 per family

HCC started in 1978 - BC affiliated

Contact us



07526 453 442